Ginna and Dave Freitag

Dear Victor and the Llewellyn team!
Where to begin…We’ll begin with Congratulations on a job well done and a heartfelt thank you for a promise kept! We know what loyalty and exceptional service means on both sides of a real estate transaction. Your professionalism, dedication to Ruth and our family during all phases of this journey exceeded our highest expectations, Victor! Ruth admired and trusted you implicitly. She considered you a friend whom she could count on in her good times and time of great need.
You set a very high standard for yourself and your associates, but you never lost focus or touch with the “friends” you treated as family! Your instant availability, wise counsel, calm demeanor (in midst of crisis management) and delivery on every and all commitments is the reason we call you time and again!
Family and friends are the legacy we build during our lifetime and the cherished gifts we leave to our loved ones when we’re gone. “Happy Days are Here Again” for Ruth! Our family thanks you, friend, for the loving part you played in her “life’s music” – whether you think so or not…you’re a bit of a “Rockstar!” Good show!